Special creative workshop series focusing on raising the brand standard and improving production workflow for businesses that are ready to grow into the next level. Available as a series or one-off workshop. Please enquire for more information.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that are ready to deploy their brand message beyond a single logo.

What is covered:
• How to choose typography
• Establishing identity through colours
• Tone of voice
• How to work with a designer / creative



Suitable for: Entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that are ready to maximise their brand potential and present a confident identity that is attractive to customers and investors.

What is covered:
• What is a brand persona
• Where to apply it
• Brand archetypes
• House style 



Suitable for: Entrepreneurs and early-stage SMEs that need to prepare brand toolkits such as stationery, marketing collaterals and social media template.

What is covered:
• Types of brand assets
• Print and Online assets
• Fonts
• Useful resources
• Current trends


Suitable for: Entrepreneurs, SMEs and managers that want a stress-free production workflow, realistic scheduling and setting up processes that could be repeated effectively by the team. This will save time and increase productivity.

What is covered:
• Introduction to design sprint
• Scheduling
• Negotiating deadlines
• Sprint platforms
• Preparing cost
• Good team communication



Our workshops are conducted by industry professionals who have experience running their own enterprises. Ideal for freelancers, independent businesses and those who wish to raise their creativity level.

Creative & Design

Develop strong creative direction, efficient production workflow and brand personalisation
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Portfolio building workshops and photography for small businesses
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For SMEs & Entrepreneurs

Workshop series tailor-made for SMEs and entrepreneurs
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