Creative & Design workshops

Creative workshops for independent creatives, small businesses and makers. Please contact us for bespoke programmes.

Introduction to brand guidelines

Suitable for: Startups, small businesses
You have a business logo, but is that enough? It’s important for businesses, regardless of size, to have a consistent visual brand voice and invest in a brand guideline to save time in planning future campaigns.
This workshop provides an introduction to create a preliminary brand guideline dossier to maintain consistency.

  • Introduction to brand guidelines
  • How to choose typography
  • Establishing identity through colours
  • Tone of voice
  • How to work with a designer

Duration: 2 hours.
What you need: Sketchbook, a laptop (ideal but not compulsory).

Developing your brand personality and voice

Suitable for: Startups, small businesses
Every good business should have a brand identity. But have you got a strong brand personality that sets you apart from your competitions? How do you cultivate your brand persona?
This workshop is aimed at early stage startups and small businesses who are ready to maximise their brand potential and present a confident identity that is attractive to customers and investors.

• What is a brand persona
• Where to apply it
• Brand archetypes
• House style

Duration: 2 hours.
What you need: Sketchbook, a laptop (ideal but not compulsory).

Producing a fashion lookbook

Suitable for: Small businesses, photographers
A lookbook is an important portfolio and marketing tool for creative entrepreneurs especially in fashion and lifestyle brands.
It informs your customers of the latest trends, seasonal campaign or new products that your business may roll out.

  • Planning a concept
  • Choosing hero images
  • Editing styles
  • Introduction to lookbook layout design
  • Creating print ready files

Duration: 4 hours.
What you need: Sketchbook, a laptop.