How to work from home effectively

It’s an interesting time at the moment, where most of us are required to work from home and practice social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID19 pandemic. Here are a few tips for better remote working. Feel free to share the graphics on your social media channels and credit us.

Get dressed

Yes, please put your pants on. Even though you don’t need to don neckties or power heels, it still feels empowering when you dress smartly for yourself. This could prepare you mentally for the work challenges ahead. Also, you still need to look presentable for video meetings.

Set your goals

Keep yourself motivated with daily goals and micro goals that could be broken down hourly. Sticking to a workable routine will help you become more productive. You may apply the 80/20 rules where you could prioritise the larger tasks (the 20%) that could solve majority of other work tasks (the 80%).

Prepare your workspace

Make sure you have a comfortable chair, table and computer display that are suitable for your posture. A spot facing the window is very good to rest the eyes. Tell your family members to give you privacy during your work hours. Finally, set your ambient by playing your Spotify playlist or listen to a podcast.

Use remote working tools

Fortunately, online technology is on our side today. There are good project management tools such as Trello, Jira or Asana to track your progress. Choose the most suitable communication channels such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Slack or Zoom to update your team. Some companies prefer WhatApp chat for immediate access.

Schedule your meetings

Schedule morning meetings at a regular time with your team to update progress. A regular 15 minutes catch-up is more efficient than an hour-long meeting if the agenda is outlined in advanced. It encourages transparency and builds trust over time.

Use simple words

Be clear and simple in emails for a more holistic interaction. It’s difficult to keep track of an overflowing inbox. Maybe it’s a good idea to dedicate a specific time during the day to respond, so you can focus better and manage expectations.

Have sufficient breaks

It’s so much easier to overwork when your operate from home. Set a clear boundary between your rest and work time. Go for regular short walks at lunchtime or do some yoga stretches. Enjoy your work-life balance!

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Navigating the Growth Zone

When businesses are ready to grow, they need to acquire new skills and adapt to the changes that are required for the new environment.

The learning process exposes entrepreneurs to unfamiliar territories and causes discomfort as they leave their comfort zones.

It is normal for entrepreneurs to experience low levels of anxiety and stress in the beginning until they manage to acquire new skills and extend their comfort zones.

Feel free to share the infographic below on your social channels.

1) The Comfort Zone

• Safe & in control
• Low risk, low rewards

There is nothing wrong with staying within your comfort zone. However, if you wish to grow, you may need consider investing in new skills and experience to move from your current situation. You may even enjoy the new discoveries!

2) The Fear Zone

• Low self-confidence
• Find excuses
• Affected by others’ opinions

Fear is a natural form of protection. You can try to overcome it by joining a support network, finding a mentor or seek more knowledge about the subjects you don’t know.   

3) The Learning Zone

• Face challenges
• Problem-solve
• Acquire new skills
• Extend comfort zone

This is probably the most fun and energy-consuming part of your growth. Entrepreneurs always learn something new on the job. Once you’ve acquired new skills and knowledge, you can feel comfortable and confident again.

4) The Growth Zone

• Find purpose
• Live dreams
• Set new goals
• Conquer objectives

You’ve arrived at the best part. Your dreams have manifested through your hard work and efforts. So, what next? Remember, creative entrepreneurship is a continuous learning process. Swipe back to start your journey again. Good luck!