About Warna

Warna means “colour” in old Sanskrit. It’s a blissful word commonly recognised throughout Southeast Asia. The rainbow arches of our identity embodies the spirit of this project – overarching, enriching and full of unlimited possibilities.

Warna Workshops are created by award-winning GLUE Studio, a team of experienced agency creatives who are also tutors in design, marketing and photography.

As creative entrepreneurs, we understand the pain of growing and scaling for small businesses. We’ve identified a huge gap in upskilling and establishing holistic production workflow for entrepreneurs, SMEs and managers who are busy.

We run independent workshops, as well as providing and writing creative learning workshops on behalf of organisations.

What people said about our programmes

“I need to improve on my creative direction and storytelling. The class was helpful and gave me a lot of inspiration. Thanks!” – Will

“Loved the course, learnt loads!” – Annie

“I’ll keep going down this track until I hope, as you say, I find my “voice” – Tony

I had a very enjoyable day. I learned quite a lot, which give me purpose and direction” – Lorraine

About GLUE Studio

GLUE Studio is a London-based award-winning creative and marketing consultancy founded in 2012.

In 2018, GLUE Studio won the Best Creative Media / Start-up at LBHF Brilliant for Business Awards. Prior to that it has supported award-winning clients like JLL, Tech City News, Revolut, Ripple Energy, TMRW and many more.

The co-founders – creative director, Zarina Holmes and marketer, Salina Christmas – have worked in the business publishing, retail and travel industry in the UK for over fifteen years before focusing on tech and start-ups sector in London.

Today, GLUE Studio provides creative and marketing support for global businesses, start-ups, tech companies and e-commerce brands from UK, US, Malaysia and China.

As one of the early adopters of the Silicon Roundabout hub in London, GLUE Studio had worked on various tech ecosystems projects for Tech Nation, Hackney Council, Croydon Council and Level39 at the Canary Wharf Group.

GLUE Studio has helped many enterprises scaled up. The projects that the studio supported have gained fundraising from 500K to £20M.