How to do product photography at home

Are you selling products from home? You may find this guide handy to help you set up your work-from-home photography studio.

1) Plan the photoshoot

Product photography is important for artisan and small businesses to promote products on social media and e-commerce websites. First, you need to plan the campaign’s objective and the concept for the photoshoot.

2) Use moodboard

Create a moodboard on Pinterest for inspiration. It sets the tone and emotion to your project.

3) Set up your studio space

Dedicate a space, preferably by a huge window, to setup your home studio. Be aware of your limitation and work with what you have.

4) Find good lighting

Natural light from a large window is ideal for food photography. You can also use simple studio lights and reflectors to light your products.

5) Use suitable equipment

Make a decision if you want to shoot with a digital camera or a smartphone. Smartphone is quick and easy for social media uploads. Digital camera is better for higher resolution photos if you want to print business flyers.

6) Be adventurous with backdrop

Use your imagination and have fun! Experiment with cloth backdrops, as well as paper and textured backgrounds.

7) Use props creatively

Props could set the right tone and add character to your product. Think of seasonal and special celebration props.

8) Work with models

Models could add character and story to fashion products. They also demonstrate how the products could be used in real life.

9) Edit your photos

Finally, put finishing touch to your photos with a nice editing. There are many accessible apps for desktop and smartphone usage.

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