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Warna takes your talent and creativity to the next step. You are a budding creative entrepreneur – whether you are a photographer, independent designer, artist, writer or artisan crafter. If you feel that you’re ready to turn your passion into a side-hustle or a freelance income, Warna offers a pathway through a series of workshops that would answer your initial questions. It’s a practical way to hone your creative skills through portfolio building.

Warna means “colour” in old Sanskrit and Malay. It’s a word commonly recognised throughout Southeast Asia. The rainbow arches symbol embodies the spirit of this initiative, which is positive, enriching, diverse and full of unlimited possibilities.

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Our workshops are conducted by industry professionals who have experience running their own enterprises. Ideal for freelancers, independent businesses and those who wish to raise their creativity level.


Portfolio building workshops and photography for small businesses
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Creative & Design

Develop strong creative direction, efficient production workflow and brand personalisations
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Are you ready to be a creative entrepreneur? Discover a series of workshops for early stage entrepreneurs
Coming soon in 2020

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We partner with specialists that could guide you to a better creative workflow.